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Persons with Disabilities

Mada Takes Part in ITU Conference on Digital Accessibility in Arab Region

02 Dec, 2021 2:45 PMHukoomiIntended Audience
Visitor: Student, Tourist
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Resident: Parent, Employee

News Details

Qatar, represented by Mrs Maha Al Mansoori, CEO of Mada - Assistive Technology Center, has taken part, today, in an online event entitled "Accessible Arab Region - ICT for All", organized by the International Telecommunication Union, in partnership with ESCWA.

During the event, Mrs Maha Al Mansoori shed light on the achievements of the State of Qatar in technology and digital accessibility, clarifying that Mada works as a strategic enabler for other entities in Qatar.

Mrs Maha Al Mansoori said that more than 15 entities in Qatar give interest to persons with disabilities and the elderly, while focusing on the Arabic language, building capabilities and supporting the development of digital platforms concerned with all of this.

Mrs Maha Al Mansoori further pointed out to the endeavors exerted in education and how they are realized through strategic partnerships in all aspects of life, such as sports, tourism and travel, along with adoption of successful international experiences.

Mada's Glossary, which includes terms related to ICT accessibility and assistive technology (AT) is among the top achievements of Mada in research, besides the international, local and regional competitions that are part of Mada Innovation Program, as well as the Creative Teachers Program.

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