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Judge Dr. Khaled Al Roumi: Barcodes in new marriage contracts

18 May, 2022 07:43 AMAl Sharq NewspaperIntended Audience
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Judge Dr. Khaled Mohammad Al Roumi, Head of the Family Documentation Department in the Family Court, has disclosed that the second package of e-services, which includes 30 e-services, will be launched soon. The most notable of which is the determination of heirs' service, where an individual can submit a request for determination of heirs electronically, and book an appointment with a judge.

Dr. Al Roumi also confirmed that as for all certificates and transactions completed previously on paper, a customer will be able to complete them online via mobile phone or via the Supreme Judiciary Council's e-portal, which allows a customer to get things done easily and smoothly.

Dr. Al Roumi also noted that a marriage contract has been designed in a new way, including the marriage card with a special envelope and two copies for each party, and it is available to every person who got married before launching this service. Accordingly, individuals can use this card in hotels and all the State ministries, as it contains a barcode and enables any government entity to identify a person and recognize if he/she is married or not, which is a qualitative leap for these services and an alternative to a number of previous paper services.

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