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HMC Inaugurates First Blood Plasma Donor Unit to Treat Coronavirus Infections

14 Apr, 2020 12:00 AMAl Sharq NewspaperIntended Audience
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Dr. Muna Al Maslamani, Medical Director of Communicable Disease Center (CDC) affiliated with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), has announced the inauguration of a plasma donation unit for using the blood of people who have recovered from the novel Coronavirus 19 (COVID-19), for virus patients with severe infections in order to boost their immune systems. Therefore, this will contribute in alleviating the severity of the symptoms. Dr. Al Maslamani noted that the blood plasma donor unit has received a first donor.

Dr. Al Maslamani emphasized that medical staffs recommend using the blood plasma for people infected with the Coronavirus 19, including the critical and severe infections in particular. This is because there have been still few clinical studies on the extent of the success of the blood plasma in treating the novel Coronavirus 19. Moreover, there have been studies in this regard for the cases of SARS and Ebola and these studies have shown very good results in treating infected cases.

Dr. Al Maslamani has called upon people who had been infected with COVID-19 and who have recovered from it to head to the blood plasma donor unit, and donate in an attempt to heal severe infections.

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