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Environment and AgricultureReligion and Community

HH The Amir Inaugurates 20th Doha Forum

27 Mar, 2022 09:00 AMAmiri DiwanIntended Audience
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News Details

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani attended the opening ceremony of the 20th edition of Doha Forum, held under the theme "Transformation into a New Era," at the Doha Sheraton.

HH The Amir gave a speech in which he said:

The world today has reached a pivotal stage on all political, economic, environmental, and social levels, and this stage requires radical revisions to spare the world from reaching a state of imbalance.

At the level of environment and climate change, we see that non-eco-friendly consumption patterns, and rates of irresponsible industrial production are steadily increasing, which may lead to catastrophic repercussions that impact all of humanity, and even extend to reach future generations.

At the societal level and people’s livelihood, the social and economic gap among states and within a single society, is indicative of a serious defect in the overall economies, especially after the strengthening of the technology sector and its role in the economy and the lives of individuals. This is in addition to the horrific increase in global poverty rates, the difficulty of accessing the basic necessities of life, and the deterioration into famines in some cases.

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