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GRSIA Announces a Number of Conditions for Receiving Retirement Pension

08 Mar, 2020 12:00 AMAl Sharq NewspaperIntended Audience
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General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority (GRSIA) has stated that there is a number of conditions for requesting retirement. Anyone who has reached age determined for the end of service or termination by disciplinary procedures is entitled to retirement pension provided that length of service should not be less than 15 years. In case of resignation, it is condition that length of service should not be less than 15 years and age should not be less than 40 years. 

GRSIA, on its website, clarified that the applicant is entitled for retirement pension in case of job cancellation or termination without disciplinary procedures. This applies to employees in ministries and other government entities, public authorities and institutions, as well as companies that are subject to the provisions of the law and other entities specified by the Cabinet’s decision that apply this provision, provided that the service length is not less than five years. Moreover, in case of death or lacking medical fitness, the specific length of service is not required. In addition, the specific service length is not required for the end of service for other reasons that were not stipulated in the previous cases, provided that the service length is not less than 15 years.  

GRSIA pointed out that categories subject to the law on retirement and pensions are Qatari citizens who are subject to Qatar's Civil Human Resources Law and who work in permanent jobs, and Qatari employees and staffs who work in general authorities and corporations, shareholding companies as well as other agencies specified by a Cabinet’s decision. Furthermore, Qatari employee or staff who obtains citizenship deserves the right to be treated as Qatari citizen if he/she works in one of governmental agencies, or general authorities or corporations, or shareholding companies, or other agencies specified by the Cabinet’s decision.

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