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Business and FinanceTransportation

GAC Receives First Truck Secured by Internationally Approved (TIR) System

25 Oct, 2021 05:48 AMAl Sharq NewspaperIntended Audience
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The General Authority of Customs (GAC) witnessed the experience of entering the first truck operating in the TIR transit system, through Abu Samra border crossing. This comes as part of the activation of the Convention on the International Transport of Goods signed by the Ministry of Transport, GAC and the International Road Transport Union (IRU). TIR is the only global transit system that allows goods to be shipped from one country to another in sealed load compartments that are controlled by Customs via a multilateral, mutually recognised and United Nations-backed system.

On this occasion, Mr. Ahmed Yousef Al-Sahel, Director of the Land Customs Department, said that activating international land transport with the TIR system represents an advanced step in linking the land transport system in the State of Qatar regionally and internationally with the aim of increasing trade exchange and supporting the mutual economy with countries, which supports our work in developing the land transport sector sustainable, noting that with the implementation of this system, transport operators, shipping companies and commercial beneficiaries will enjoy the advantages of this system represented in the availability of faster, less expensive and safer trade corridors between the State of Qatar and its trading partners in the region and countries of the world.

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