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Education and Training

GAC Holds Seminar on Developing Customs Work

28 Jun, 2021 09:23 AMAl Arab NewspaperIntended Audience
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The General Authority of Customs (GAC) held an awareness seminar for heads of departments of customs ports titled (Developing the Administrative Organization of Customs Work), yesterday, as part of Qatar GAC’s constant endeavor to develop the mechanisms of customs work applied at the ports. The seminar, which is considered a continuation of previous customs regulatory seminars, was presented by Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Maadeed, Assistant Chairman of General Authority of Customs for Support Services Affairs.

The seminar, which targeted GAC’s heads of customs ports, highlighted mechanisms for job description and definition of new procedures, and included linking the functions and terms of reference of the Authority with Qatar National Vision 2030. It also clarified the role of customs in promoting the main pillars of the state's vision, which are human, social, economic, and environmental development.

Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Maadeed, said that the Authority aims to develop customs work by enhancing cooperation and participation with all sectors, where administrative development begins by knowing the opinions of employees and discussing them to raise the procedural and field level in a way that meets GAC’s aspirations and the national vision.

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