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GAC Announces Launching Electronic Services of Customs Clearance Agencies Soon

03 Dec, 2020 07:34 AMLusail Newspaper Intended Audience
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News Details

The General Authority of Customs (GAC) is preparing to launch a package of electronic services related to customs clearance agencies, in order to bolster trade facilitation for companies operating in the State of Qatar. This is particularly because GAC has moved toward developing a set of electronic systems remotely for a while. This is in order to develop the customs work by using the technical and technological development, whether it is worldwide or it through benefiting from a high status attained by the State of Qatar in the area of communications infrastructure, information and technology. This has made the State of Qatar among the pioneering countries in the area of information and communications technology (ICT), and in line with the GAC's strategy based on working for the constant developing of Single Window system known as Al Nadeeb Program. 

In this context, it is indicated that GAC has made successes over the past months in terms of achieving the necessary streamlining at the level of the export and import of goods. This comes despite the challenges imposed by the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), since GAC has taken all necessary and appropriate precautionary measures to maintain community safety. 

GAC is keen to provide distinguished services for importers and exporters, facilitate trade exchange, promote investment and help in enhancing the national industry's capacity of having competitiveness in the light of a free global economy. Moreover, GAC is working on developing the customs work in the State to facilitate trade in accordance with the best international practices, and enhancing the customs relations with states and international and regional organizations to achieve the goals of economic development.

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