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GAC Announces a Set of Regulatory and Precautionary Procedures at Abu Samra Border

11 Feb, 2021 08:42 AMGeneral Authority of CustomsIntended Audience
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Resident: Employee

News Details

The General Authority of Customs (GAC) has announced the application of a number of regulatory and precautionary controls and procedures regarding the movement of inbound and transit goods from the Salwa border port crossing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Abu Samra border crossing in the State of Qatar. In a statement published on its website, the authority revealed a set of regulatory and precautionary controls and procedures related to commercial trucks at the Abu Samra border crossing, including:

• Truck drivers coming from Salwa border port in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, must obtain a certificate authenticated by the Saudi Ministry of Health, proving that they have been tested for Coronavirus (Covid-19), at least 72 hours prior to the date of entry into Abusamra port.
• Drivers and trucks transporting goods to the State of Qatar through Abusamra are not permitted to enter the country, and the goods will be unloaded and re-loaded onto local trucks by the importer or his representative in the port, according to prior coordination with the port administration.

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