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Forming Municipal Council Elections Committees

23 Feb, 2023 07:36 AMQatar News Agency (QNA)Intended Audience
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HE Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani issued Decision No. (16) of 2023 forming the supervisory committee and executive committees concerned with the Central Municipal Council (CMC) elections, and defining their terms of reference.

The decision stipulated that the supervisory committee be formed, headed by Director of the Elections Department at the Ministry of Interior, Major General Majid Ibrahim Al Khulaifi, and the membership of the heads of the executive committees emanating from it - the legal, security, technical, informational, supply, and processing committees.

On this occasion, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee Maj. Gen. Majid Al Khulaifi affirmed that the committee and the executive committees, based on His Excellency's directives, began to develop work plans and programs, and immediately started implementing their tasks in accordance with the requirements of the electoral process, and the needs of the voters, candidates and election committees.

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