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CSGDB President: Return of grants, allowances and benefits in various sectors of the country

21 Apr, 2022 07:54 AMQatar TribuneIntended Audience
Citizen: Employee

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President of the Civil Service and Governmental Development Bureau (CSGDB), HE Abdulaziz Al Khalifa, has announced the return of grants, allowances, and other benefits or equivalent advantages in various sectors of the country, each according to its competence, within clear controls for each sector.

He revealed that the life-burden advance will be activated immediately, with updated controls that guarantee its continuity and permanence.

He also said, “Qatar, like the rest of the countries, passed through the COVID-19 pandemic, and there was a temporary suspension of some of the advantages obtained by affiliates in different sectors of the country, whether they were grants or different benefits, pending the assessment of the negative economic impact of the pandemic.”

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