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Employment and Workplace

CSGDB Announces Activation of Part-Time Work System

02 Jan, 2023 08:30 AMAl Raya NewspaperIntended Audience
Citizen: Employee

News Details

The Civil Service and Government Development Bureau (CSGDB) has announced the activation of the service of request for part-time work in the Mawared system, in accordance with the Cabinet's Resolution No. (13) of 2021 on the conditions and controls of the part-time work system in government entities, which was published by the Official Gazette, issued by the Ministry of Justice, in its 15th edition. Employees of government entities have received a message in this regard via their emails. 

The resolution stipulates that the number of weekly working hours be reduced to half, upon request of the employee, and as per the government entity's approval, taking into consideration work interest and needs. The resolution also stipulates that the priority of access to the part-time work system is for the Qatari female employee, particularly the one having children. 

The employee working in the part-time system must be among Qatari employees under the provisions of the Civil Human Resources Law, must not be among those in leadership positions, must pass probation period successfully, and must not work for more than one government entity in the country.

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