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CSGDB Launches Fast Recruitment Initiative

17 Feb, 2022 08:29 AMAl Arab NewspaperIntended Audience
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The Civil Service and Governmental Development Bureau (CSGDB) launched a new initiative, in cooperation with various government entities, entitled "Fast Recruitment" initiative to facilitate the process of interviewing job seekers candidates for work in government organizations.

This initiative comes as part of the efforts to accelerate the process of hiring Qataris in the government sector, as the National Human Resources Development Department at CSGDB continues its efforts in continuous coordination to organize meetings and job interviews for job seekers nominated to work, while training them on CV writing skills and passing job interviews. Further than that, they follow-up on the status of applications through the national employment platform (Kawader) and take the necessary action in coordination with the concerned authorities

The Civil Service and Governmental Development Bureau is also working to continue coordinating with other government entities to achieve the objectives of the "Fast Employment Campaign" initiative.

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