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Children Coronavirus Emergency Center Opens at Old Hamad Hospital

06 Jan, 2022 08:37 AMAl Raya NewspaperIntended Audience
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Citizen: Parent, Employee
Resident: Parent, Employee

News Details

Dr. Mohamed al-Amri, director of the Paediatric Emergency Department at Hamad Medical Corporation, said that the Children's Emergency Center in the dam is the only body that receives cases of coronavirus among children whose cases require intensive care to be taken in all state hospitals in general, whether private or public.

Dr. Al Amri explained that in the current wave of COVID-19, the expansion was made by the Hamad Medical Corporation through the opening of a center to receive coronavirus cases in the emergency of the old Hamad General Hospital, as well as the opening of two units in the Al Sadd emergency for suspected and confirmed cases, as well as the expansion of the inpatient beds to accommodate patients who need to stay for long periods in the hospital, and the provision of intensive care in the same place to absorb the cases as they increase, in addition to the increase of medical staff in those places, where the working hours reached 12 hours continuously.

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