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Awqaf Announces "Al Waqf" Mobile App, "Dhukhr" and "Ata" Services for Benefactors

20 Dec, 2021 11:12 AMAl Sharq NewspaperIntended Audience
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The General Department of Endowments at the Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf) in the State of Qatar has explained that it follows precise computer systems in order to fulfil requirements of al-waqifin (endowers) via systems including endowers and endowment affairs, legal affairs, endowment investments and endowment real estates, tenders, practices, online services and endowment accounts. 

The General Department of Endowments announced new services included in the guidebook issued by the Department. These services include "Al Waqf" mobile app with the aim of facilitating endowment services for benefactors and beneficiaries via the mobile app. 

The new services also include "Dhukhr and Nama" project that aims at facilitating Zakat and endowment services for benefactors via collecting points throughout the State, as well as "Ata" service for endowment via SMSs.

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