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Ashghal Uses 3D-GPR Radar to Detect Road Defects

09 Sep, 2021 08:30 AMPublic Works Authority "Ashghal"Intended Audience
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News Details

The Public Works Authority "Ashghal" has applied radar (3D-GPR), one of the latest asphalt survey techniques, which helps in examining the lower layers of roads, bridges, and the drainage network within as part of the preventive operation and maintenance plans for the roads network in Qatar.

Ashghal has recently applied this advanced technology on Al Asiri Bridge, known as Midmac Bridge, and other vital sites in Qatar including highways, main roads and local roads, within a comprehensive operation and maintenance plan to identify and explore voids and defects in the road layers at an early stage before they appear on the surface.

In practice, the radar paints high-resolution and three-dimensional maps below road surface using variable-frequency radar rays by sending radar waves and analyzing reflections from different layers below the ground. Radar rags penetrate the layers of surface bottom to the underlying layers to identify any shortcomings or gaps in the foundation before they occur on the surface. A deep survey is carried out at up to four meters below the earth's surface.

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