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MOT: 4415 completed transactions in the maritime transport affairs

27 Jul, 2022 11:34 AMAl Raya NewspaperIntended Audience
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News Details

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) announced that it has completed 4,415 service transactions for maritime transport affairs during the second quarter of this year. The transactions included 4,232 transactions for maritime vessels, maritime licenses’ services, and maritime transport licensing services, sailors’ affairs, and certificates, in addition to 183 transactions for maritime systems services, which included a package of big vessel services such as ownership transfer and certificate of seaworthiness.

The Ministry said through its official account on Twitter: The services of maritime licenses include registration, renewal, ownership transfer, duplicate of lost, and deletion. It also indicated that maritime licenses’ services for foreign vessels operating in Qatari waters include renewal and data modification, and that sailor affairs’ services include issuance and approval of civil certificates for naval officers and marine officers, and safe manning.

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