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11 Online Services Related to General Directorate of Civil Defence Activated

30 Aug, 2022 1:03 PMAl Raya NewspaperIntended Audience
Citizen: Business Owner

News Details

Captain Engineer Hamad Isa Al Abd Al Jabbar, Officer in the inspection and licensing section at the General Directorate of Civil Defence, has affirmed that 11 online services related to the General Directorate of Civil Defence have been activated.
He said that the activated services include "a new business request," which is provided to establishments that start their operation and have a license, and "a business request renewal" and if prior approval is obtained and completed, an establishment may renew this request. In addition, there is "a warehouse rehabilitation request" designed for warehouses of chemical and hazardous materials, "the renovation of buildings and establishments" designed for housing buildings or administrative buildings that have no licenses and want to ensure the safety of building and maintenance, and "exhibitions and events," where an exhibition design shall be submitted for its approval, and other services, as he added.

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