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Labor Law
Employment and Workplace

Labor Law

18 Feb, 2021

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Labor Law

The Labor Law of Qatar provides a set of laws and regulations outlining the legal rights, restrictions and obligations of workers, employers and labor committees. All parties involved should adhere to the Labor Law.

Qatari Employment

Priority in employment opportunities is given to Qatari citizens. The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social ِAffairs (MADLSA) provides various services tailored to the potential and talents of Qatari citizens. Thus, citizens who are looking for job opportunities should proceed to register themselves at the Ministry, with the aim of getting suitable job opportunities. Employers who wish to hire non-Qataris or recruit workers from abroad are required to obtain permission from MADLSA.


Foreigners may work in the State of Qatar under different employers. An expatriate must complete the employment contract duration inside the country, or an employer must terminate the contract without any legal penalties on the expatriate. Moreover, the expatriate is required to complete five years or above in work, if the employment contract duration is indefinite. The approval of current employer for the change of employer for moving to new employer is required, if the expatriate terminates the contract, without completing the employment contract duration or the five-year duration.     

Working Hours

The maximum number of working hours allowed without overtime pay is 48 hours per week. Working hours are reduced to 36 per week during the month of Ramadan.  Friday is considered the weekly rest day for all workers, excepting those who handle shift work. No workers should work above two Fridays in a row, excepting those who handle shift work. 

Labor Committees

Workers who work at an establishment where there are at least 100 Qatari workers may form a labor committee that has the right to join larger trade unions. Moreover, workers may strike in accordance with the provisions and conditions stipulated in the Labor Law.  

For more information, please download a copy of the Qatar Labor Law.