For whom are you looking for services?





How do I find the right service on Hukoomi?

Click on "Explore Services" and type the needed service name or an expected keyword you think will show in the search results. For Example: Renew Health
Card or "Renew".

In case the required result does not show you can choose the "Sort" or "Filter" option to get customized results.


What are the usual required documents?

The required documents differ from one service provider to another as well as the service type itself.

In most cases, an applicant is required to provide thier QID Card as an attatchment if the service is offline or login via the National Authentication System if the service is to be submitted online fully. In some cases, a service can be contain a combination of both (Hybrid), so Hukoomi users are required to go through thier selected service details page for further understanding of the requirements. 


Where do I pick up my Smart Card?

A smart card can be obtained by visiting any of the government service centers available all over Qatar and listed in detail on the website of the Ministry of Interior.


What is a Smart Card?

The smart card is a smart Qatari ID card that can be used to conduct online transactions. You can request the activation of the smart card at any of MOI's counters at any government services complex as well as the Directorate General of Border Passports and Expatriates Affairs.

The smart card allows individuals and companies to carry out their personal or corporate transactions.


What if I need more information?

We welcome all individuals wishing to obtain more information to use our directory to contact the ministries and agencies or call the government contact center on 109 as well as fill out the contact us form.



This depends on the request type and service provider. The required time for completion is always mentioned whenever you apply for a service. Certain services such as travel permits require fees that need to be paid online. You can learn more about the needed fees by visiting the service page of each service.


How do I activate my Smart Card? What documents should I bring?

The smart card can be activated for both personal and corporate transactions by visiting the e-government department at any of the government service centers affiliated to the General Directorate of Border Passports and Expatriates Affairs.

For those authorized to sign on the establishment ID: the customer has to submit a smart card activation application form, available on the Ministry of Interior website, to any of the above-mentioned centers to activate the card and add the authorized companies.

For the representatives whose names are not listed in the establishment ID, the customer will need to submit a letter from the establishment owner to the General Directorate of Border Passports and Expatriates Affairs, in addition to the above-mentioned application form, to add a company on the representative's card.

Note: Customers (company representatives) may activate the smart card only for personal transactions at the General Directorate of Border Passports and Expatriates Affairs. There is, consequently, no need to attach any documents, except the activation form. Then, they have to log in to Hukoomi with a card of a person authorized to sign on the establishment ID before using the service "Add Company on Personal Smart Card of Representative" to have the company added.


Which browsers and devices are Compatible with Hukoomi?

We recommend that our users use: Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

You can also download our Hukoomi Mobile App on Google Play and App Store.


Are all the services free?

Many services are free, but not all. Some services, such as the exit permit, require a processing fee, which can be paid online. Further information is available on each service page.

User registration is free, as are all information, instructions and downloadable documents available on Hukoomi.