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You can get started by clicking on "Media Center" where we post regularly about important events, daily news, topics, articles, and health advisories. 

The Hukoomi portal also includes useful tools and other sources of information such as the directory, mobile apps, calculators (pension, zakat, etc..) and downloads.

In Hukoomi, we aim to provide seamless and customized services proedures, with the goal to target a wide range of individuals including citzens, parents, employees, visitors and business owners.

We also have our very own e-mail newsletter, which you can subscribe to, and get a summary of our latest updates of government news and events. We also conduct polls and surveys to get insights on how we can better our content of the "Hukoomi" portal.

For more information about our initiative, you can visit the "About Hukoomi" page

Click on "Explore Services" and select the relevant persona, and then click on "Start Exploring".

You may also click on "View All" to access the services page, in which you can search for the required service, by typing its name or related keyword in the search bar (For example: Renew Health Card, or Renew).

In addition, you can also filter the services according to their type, entity, intended audience, life stage, and fees.  

The required documents differ from one service provider to another as well as the service type itself.

In most cases, an applicant is required to provide their QID card as an attachment if the service is offline or login via the National Authentication System if the service is to be submitted online fully.

Some services can be submitted both online and offline,accordlingly, Hukoomi users need to access the detailed page of the service they need in the services's section for further understanding of its requirements. 

We welcome your suggestions and queries, and advise you to use our directory to contact ministries and agencies through the available contact information or by calling the government contact center on 109 as well as fill out the contact us form.

The smart card is a smart Qatari ID card that can be used to conduct online transactions. You can request the activation of the smart card at any of MOI's counters at any government services complex as well as the Directorate General of Border Passports and Expatriates Affairs.

The smart card allows individuals and companies to carry out their personal or corporate transactions.

Hukoomi Portal is a comprehensive portal that includes all information about life in Qatar, government services, events, and other useful information.

Hukoomi is a nation-wide effort aimed at making government work better for those who live and work in Qatar.

The term “Hukoomi” stands for a more open, transparent government that listens and responds to the needs of individuals and businesses.

The project is spearheaded by the Ministry of  Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), previously the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC), and prior to that the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQatar), with cooperation from government ministries, agencies, and public service providers.

We recommend that our users use: Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

You can also download our Hukoomi Mobile App on Google Play and App Store.

We recommend that our users use: Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

You can also download our Hukoomi Mobile App on Google Play and App Store.