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Qatar’s National ICT Plan 2015

Last Updated on 28 Oct, 2020


ictQATAR developed Qatar’s National ICT Plan 2015: Advancing the Digital Agenda, which will guide their efforts through the end of 2015. The plan is aligned with the Qatar’s National Vision 2030, and its specific programs are aligned with Qatar’s National Development Strategy 2011-2016.

The National ICT Plan 2015 is organized into five strategic thrusts, which are considered the critical components needed to create a sustainable digital future. Each of the five thrusts is broken down into specific programs, with the entire plan covering 11 programs.

The National ICT Plan builds on the first ICT master plan created in 2005 and takes into account research and analysis of Qatar’s current ICT landscape, as well as regional and international benchmarks. ictQATAR spearheaded the creation of the plan, which includes inputs from key stakeholder groups across the country.