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Government Website and e-Services Framework

Government Website and e-Services Framework


Government websites are the gateway to information and services to the public. Increasing number of users visit a government website to get information about the agency, its services and also avail services online. Digital Government 2020 Strategy stipulates the objective of having 100% government services available online while aiming at 80% of all services transactions to be performed online. It is, therefore, pertinent that the websites of all government agencies are designed and organized in a way that makes it easier for the users to navigate through different websites and perform transaction online in order that the above objectives are achieved.

The Government Website and e-Services Framework defines a set of standards and best practice guidelines for the overall design of government websites and e-Services to address the above need. The objective of the Framework is to assist in:

  • Bringing about a level of consistency throughout all State of Qatar Government Agencies’ websites through a clear, consistent and uniform online communication channel for all users;
  • Ensuring a consistent, intuitive and smooth online experience when one navigates from one government website to another;
  • Facilitating ease of navigation, information retrieval, and access to online services within and across government websites;
  • Promoting and fostering a common identity of the State of Qatar Government by making it easier for users to identify Qatar Government websites;
  • Accelerating the ease of access and development of e-Services through the use of common components and services; and
  • Ensuring trust, security, reliability and confidence among the users while transacting e-Services.

This Framework has been approved and issued by the e-Government Steering Committee in April 2015 for compliance by all Government Agencies.