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Government Mobile Services Framework

Government Mobile Services Framework


Governments worldwide are using mobile technology to deliver services that will keep up with the changing habits and expectations of people. Mobile is not just another delivery channel or a little computer, mobile opens up new ways for government to interact with the public.  Government agencies around the world are expanding their digital platforms to create app-oriented content custom-tailored for smartphones and tablets. It is no longer sufficient for agencies simply to post policy or regulatory decisions, data and other information on a static website.

The Qatar Digital Government strategy recognizes the far-reaching potential of mobile technology to increase public sector and national efficiency through enabling more convenient, easy-to-use services, improving productivity and facilitating open engagement with its people, communities and businesses.

One of the key strategic objective defined in our Qatar Digital Government Strategy is to “Better Serve Individuals and Businesses” with a KPI that 60% of services will be available through mobile. Mobile government services create opportunities to bridge the digital divide, increase transparency, and encourage public participation. Developing mobile applications extends access channels and increases convenience for users.

The aim of this Mobile Services Framework document is to build a consistent, whole of government approach to adopting mobile technology in delivering government services that will help us to achieve our objectives outlined in the Qatar Digital Government strategy.  Our goal is to better position our Qatar Government to continuously find and deliver new and innovative ways to extend its services to better serve and engage its people. It will set a coordinated approach across government to adopt mobile technology with the aim of achieving the strategic priorities of the Qatar Digital Government strategy.

This document has been developed to assist Government agencies in the design and deployment of mobile services based on international best practices and standards, and will be regularly reviewed, and where necessary, updated to ensure it remains aligned with our Qatar Digital Government priorities as well as in line with international trends and developments.

Click here to view the Government Mobile Services Framework document.