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Government Cloud Services - Sadeem

Government Cloud Services - Sadeem


Government Cloud Services - Sadeem provide an integrated technological environment that is efficient and highly secure. It enables government entities to use computing resources with great ease and speed while taking advantage of the reduced capital and operational costs of infrastructure and systems.

It also provides e-service solutions that are secure, reliable and available, in addition to improving access to such solutions by providing a platform for the special applications government entities need.

Sadeem comprises several platforms and services aimed at accelerating the Government Digital Transformation Process. They allow for the rapid and effective implementation of systems, e-services and business information to all government entities, in order to realize the integrated and connected government.

Designing the Cloud is aimed at:

  • Reducing capital and operational costs
  • Accelerating access to users via ready models and services
  • Increasing efficiency and security as a result of shared infrastructure
  • Raising information security levels conforming with national information security standards
  • Ensuring updates, management and operation of integrated infrastructure
  • Increasing flexibility and extensibility of the capacity of information technology

Sadeem has several features, such as:

  • Integrating with shared government services (Data Exchange Service, SMS Service … etc.)
  • Providing tools and models for e-services and business information for different business models
  • Enabling platform use across all channels, including smartphones

Below are some of the platforms and services provided by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) under Sadeem:

  • Cloud Computing Services: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), through which virtual machine servers that are interconnected and connected to the government network are provided.
  • e-Government Services Platform: A platform providing an integrated environment to government entities to host business solutions, as well as enabling fast and effective implementation of e-services.
  • Business Information (BI) Platform: A platform used to create smart reports, which helps in data analysis besides increasing the fact-based decisions using real-time executive dashboards.
  • Government Websites Platform: A platform enabling fast implementation of government websites and portals and link them to other government business solutions.
  • Government Email Service: A service through which effective email systems are set up in conformity with the national information security standards adopted by government entities.
  • SMTP Relay Service: A service used to redirect emails to hosted government services.

For further information, please contact MCIT on (+974) 4406 9996 or email