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Eid Al Fitr Celebrations in Qatar

24 Apr, 2022
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Eid celebrations differ from one country to another, and the State of Qatar shares with most Arab and Islamic countries the common practices; the rituals of Eid Al Fitr begin by going to the mosque to perform the Eid prayer, and people wear new clothes for Eid, banquets are held, and sacrifices are presented to celebrate this occasion.

Making special Eid sweets, such as Maamoul (date-filled cookies) and Arabic coffee, are of the main preparations of Eid Al Fitr, in addition to distributing Eidiya (cash gifts) to children. On occasion of Eid Al Fitr, loved ones, family members and neighbors meet and exchange visits. People also strengthen the ties with their families and kinship and meet in the family home, where traditional and delicious Qatari food and sweets are made, such as Harees, Al Thareed and Luqaimat.

Islam obligates Muslims to pay Zakat Al Fitr, in which each Muslim takes out a certain amount of money for himself and his family members, whether women or children, in order for all members of the society to unite and help the poor and the needy feel the joy of Eid. Individuals can easily pay their zakat through the Zakat Fund E-Service available on Qatar e-Government portal - Hukoomi.

Celebrations are held everywhere in Qatar on the occasion of Eid, and many entities organize activities for children in shopping centers across Qatar, besides other events that attract all family members as in the Cultural Village Foundation "Katara", Msheireb, the Corniche and Qatar National Library. People also visit heritage sites, such as museums, in addition to public parks and souqs, especially Souq Waqif and Souq Al Wakra. In addition, the events section on Hukoomi contains a wide range of events that are held during Eid across the country and are suitable for all ages.

Eid Al Fitr will always be a very special time during which family and friends, from adults and children, gather to spend a pleasant holiday.


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