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8 Things to Know about Moving to Qatar

02 Mar, 2023
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Qatar has one of the fastest growing economies in the Middle East and the world, so there is an increasing need for manpower in the country. As Qatar labor market is characterized by its diversity because it attracts manpower from all over the world, the rapid market growth means there are new vacancies for international job seekers continuously.

Along with the increasing vacancy openings, Qatar has been attracting students from all over the world to study in Qatar, because the country has a growing interest in education and scientific research. What draws students to study in Qatar is the research and training opportunities that the country offers to the students along with the main programs. For more information, please check the scholarships offered by Qatar University for international students[1] and Qatar Fund for Development.

If you are considering moving to Qatar for work or education or any other reason, this blog will give you essential introductory information about residency in Qatar.


* Types of residency Permits:

- Work Permit: If you receive a job offer in Qatar, the employer will submit a request to the State so that it can bring you in, and you will obtain a residency permit.

- Student Permit: Qatar offers many scholarships for international students at various levels of study. Those students get a residency permit expires with the end of their program. However, in case the student finds a job opportunity in Qatar, they can ask the employer to sponsor them and so they change their residency into a work one.

* Steps to Obtain Residency

- Medical Examination: The recruiting entity will book an appointment for you at the Medical Commission or will ask you to book the appointment. This procedure is required of all newcomers to the country in order to ensure that they are free from some infectious diseases. For more information, please check Book Appointment for Medical Examination service.

- Fingerprint: After completing the medical examination, one must go to the Criminal Evidence and Information Department, where all adults must match the fingerprints.

- Residence Permit: After completing the previous procedures and making sure that you are free from some infectious diseases, you will be able to apply for your residence permit (QID) which is issued by the Ministry of Interior.


* Accommodation provided by the employer: Some government and private entities offer accommodation to the employees as part of their job offer package. Therefore, you should know before you come to Qatar if your employer offers accommodation, or you should find your accommodation by yourself.

* Private accommodation: There are lots of accommodation options in Qatar that suits different people’s needs; including:

- Apartments: This is one of the most popular type of accommodation for small families and single employees.
- Villas: This option is particularly suitable for families, as villas are usually inside closed residential complexes that contain recreational facilities such as children's play areas, playgrounds, and swimming pools.
- Hotel Apartments: This option provides you with all the amenities you need and allows you to enjoy hotel services and facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, restaurants, and many other benefits.

Electricity and Water Services (KAHRAMAA)

After obtaining your residency permit and finding a suitable accommodation, you will need to activate your Kahramaa account; the company that provides you with electricity and water. To learn more about the steps and requirements for activating your account, check Activate Your KAHRAMAA Account service.

Transportation Services

Qatar has a modern and highly developed transportation network that allows you to move comfortably around the country. This network includes:

* Metro: Doha Metro reaches most of the populated and touristic areas in Qatar. All you need to do is to download Qatar Rail mobile app to know the nearest station to your place, plan your journey, and learn more about the Metro maps, in addition to other important information.

- Metrolink: A feeder bus network providing rides from neighborhoods around Doha to the Metro for free.
- Metroexpress: Free 7-seater branded cars that you can book through Karwa Taxi mobile app. They offer free shared rides from and to the metro and tram stations in specific areas, including the West Bay area and the Pearl-Qatar.

* Tram: There are three trams in Qatar:

- Lusail Tram, which goes around the urban city of Lusail aboveground and underground and connects to Doha Metro through two interchange stations at Lusail and Legtaifiya.
- Education City Tram, which brings a new form of sustainable travel in Qatar and elevates the nation’s profile as a nerve center of innovation.
- Msheireb Tram, which connects Msheireb Metro Station to landmark locations within Msheireb Downtown Doha. You can find out more about the tram map and services through Qatar Rail mobile app.

* Bus: There are two bus systems in Qatar:

- Metrolink: It provides connectivity to Qatar Rail customers who stay within 2 to 5 kilometers radius of the Doha Metro stations. You can download Karwa Journey Planner mobile app.
- Public Bus: A huge bus network that covers almost every area in the country. you can use the same Karwa Journey Planner app to check routes and other information.

Communication Services

Qatar has one of the fastest 5G networks and was ranked third in the world for mobile internet speed as per the Speedtest Global Index in September 2022.

Mobile internet is not only fast in Qatar, but it also has a very stable dependable network. Therefore, no matter where you are, as long as you have your mobile, you can stay connected!

No matter where you are in Qatar you can stay connected. Most of the cafes, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, libraries offer free WIFI connections for their customers. There are also free internet networks in public parks such as iParks.

Health Services

* Government Health Services

As soon as you receive your residency permit, you will be able to apply for your Health Card, which allows you to receive all the needed health services the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) centers[1], or in any of Hamad Medical Corporation hospitals. You cannot access any of these services without the health card unless for an emergency. Please check Issue Health Card service to know how to apply and the needed requirements.  

“Qatar offers free Health Services for all the residents in the country”

* Private health services

There are many private hospitals and medical centers in Qatar that provide integrated services. Private companies usually provide private health insurances for their employees to obtain medical care in these hospitals and centers for free or for nominal amounts.

Ministry of Interior Services

Residents with residence permits can access electronic services provided by the Ministry of Interior via Metrash2 mobile app.

Metrash2 offers many electronic services that can be completed using a mobile phone, which saves you time and effort in completing government transactions. These services include:
- Traffic Services 
- Visit visa services for personal and corporate sponsorships 
- Residency services 
- Travel notifications 
- The e-wallet that contains electronic copies of your personal cards, such as residence permit, driving license, vehicle license, and others. 
“Metrash2 offers a large number of services through mobile devices”

Education Services

* Schools

The State of Qatar is considered one of the emerging countries in the field of education, and there are several types of schools in Qatar:

- Public schools: If you have obtained a job in a government entity or if you are a Gulf citizen, you will be able to enroll your children in public schools so that they can get an education for free. Check Register New Students in Public Schools.

- Private and international schools: If you have been recruited by a private company, private schools, including international ones, will be your most probable options for educating your children. Some employers partially or fully cover the education costs of school-age children as part of their job offer. There is a wide spectrum of these schools in Qatar, most of which teach the British and American curricula, and some teach the curricula of other countries. To find out more about the school options available to you, please see the map of private schools in Qatar.

* Universities

Qatar has many local universities and colleges, as well as branches of eight of the world's most prestigious universities. For more information, check Higher Education Institutions in Qatar.

In addition to educational institutions, Qatar takes care of libraries and research centers that support students in the country and meet their academic needs. Qatar National Library is the most important library in the country, as it contains huge resources (more than a million paper books and more than 500 thousand electronic materials). It also contains many facilities that help students work and learn in a comfortable atmosphere.

Are you looking for work or education opportunities in Qatar? If you've got an opportunity recently, tell us about your experience of moving to Qatar.


[1] Qatar University
[2] Every area has a PHCC health center, you need to know the health center in your area and book your appointments in it when needed.


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