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Voluntary Work in the State of Qatar

20 Dec, 2021
Topic: Religion and Community
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Voluntary Work in the State of Qatar

Voluntary work is a main and inherent principle that is deeply rooted in the Qatari society’s norms. This is because it constitutes the religious, humanitarian, social, and cultural pillars that are deeply rooted in the Qatari society and inspired by the customs and traditions inherited from parents and ancestors.

Volunteering is a positive social phenomenon that represents civilized behavior promoted by societies and nations. It is a human school that has been closely linked to all aspects of good work. It has become a fundamental pillar in building society and spreading social cohesion among citizens.

By definition, voluntary work is not for profit, carried out by individuals without expectation of remuneration. The aim of volunteers and volunteer organizations is to provide help and assistance to the needy. The work they do is hugely beneficial to society.

The benefits of voluntary work

Voluntary work is a pleasant, social phenomenon that reflects the best of civilized human behavior, elevating society and enriching and bonding the community as a whole.

Voluntary work has many social benefits and religious advantages, that aim to consolidate the concepts of societal cooperation and mutual assistance, and to motivate people to reach out and engage with others through a humanitarian work platform.

Another benefit of voluntary work is that it consolidates the feeling of national belonging, in addition to other spiritual, psychological, mental, physical and social benefits. Moreover, volunteering promotes interconnection between members of the community, and enhances the humanitarian relations between citizens.

Volunteering in Qatar

There are many fields open to volunteering in Qatar, including sport, cultural, social, health, humanitarian, and scientific areas. Voluntary institutions offer programs of training and awareness lectures for all volunteers, in order to provide them with the necessary experience that will qualify them to work professionally in their field.

Qatar has several centers and institutions for voluntary work, such as:

TAMM Volunteer Network

Tamm Volunteer Network is an integrated system that seeks to promote a culture of volunteering and enhance the engagement of youth in civil work, that it was co-founded by Social Development Center - NAMA, Silatech, and Education Above All (EAA), through its program Reach Out to Asia (ROTA), as well as the Strategic Partner Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MOCIT), in order to building a database of volunteers and connecting volunteer pioneers with establishments/ volunteering opportunities in the state.

TAM seeks to foster awareness among young people about the importance of volunteering at both individual and establishmentarian levels. It also aims to instill the values of solidarity and synergy among youth in order to develop their personal abilities and promote the key volunteering values, and to contribute to community service, forming the first reference to voluntary opportunities and volunteers in the State.

The Goals of TAMM:

  • Collaborating and coordinating between volunteering stakeholders in the State in order to find the best ways to refine and develop volunteering work and enhance the volunteering culture and the acts of public giving and goodwill.
  • The unprecedented achievement of a network of volunteers consisting of well-trained youth. Helping these youths learn about various volunteering opportunities, and choosing what meets with their skills and preferences.
  • Investigating the best scientific and practical means and the most beneficial lessons to help attain the development of volunteers’ skills and provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their volunteering tasks.
  • The completion of information pertaining to the volunteering job and the volunteers and the provision of a central database of information and volunteering resources for volunteers and establishment members with TAMM Network.
  • Providing accurate and categorized information about volunteers to help all volunteering parties from individuals to establishments facilitate the allocation of the right volunteer to the right place, and to help members be involved in opportunities matching their skills and interests.
Qatar Voluntary

Qatar Voluntary Center is one of the most important and well-known centers in Qatar. It aims to attract, train, educate, and prepare volunteers to participate in the country’s development projects. To register as a volunteer, please visit Qatar Voluntary website.

Tomoh for Community Development

Tomoh for Community Development is a non-profit youth initiative which seeks to be the leading voluntary work organization in Qatar and the Arab world. Tomoh is seeking to promote the culture of volunteering by providing technical and administrative services and consultations.

The organization plays a vital role in establishing and supporting civil society organizations that support the governmental role and complement the efforts of the private sector in the country. This in return contributes in achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030 and progress across the Region. Tomoh has developed a charter for the practice of voluntary work and has a broad database of over 1,250 volunteers.

Tomoh provides the following services:

  • Opportunities for community members to participate in voluntary work.
  • Meets the volunteer needs of governmental entities and the private sector.
  • Coordinates courses and workshops that help to develop and refine volunteer skills.
  • Provides consultation in the field of voluntary work management.
  • Contributes to the arrangement and management of events, seminars, conferences and other community activities.

Center for Volunteerism and Community Service – Qatar University

The Center for Volunteerism and Community Service – Qatar University  provides coordination and support for voluntary work carried out by the leading educational institution in Qatar. The principal aim is to accustom students to voluntary work and to motivate them to be active members in the community.

The center’s aim is to:

  • Create opportunities for students, staff and faculty to be engaged in voluntary work.
  • Develop the knowledge and expertise of QU students to be engaged and responsible citizens in a global, multicultural community.
  • Provide students with the adequate experience and guidance in the field of social service.
  • Coordinate and organize voluntary programs that are held in the various departments of student affairs sector and colleges.
  • Determine the appropriate off-campus sites in which students can volunteer.

In addition, the center is working to consolidate the concept of voluntary work and link it to the values ​​inspired from Qatar cultural heritage.

Moreover, the center aims to improve the skills in critical thinking, adaptability and flexibility, verbal and non-verbal communication, problem solving and conflict settlement. It also aims to create a self-awareness blueprint to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the individual, and to evaluate the various forms of diversity (in terms of gender, race, ethnic groups, disadvantaged groups, and age groups), as well as gaining knowledge of civil responsibility, and developing a framework for global understanding and citizenship.

If you wish to participate in voluntary activities, or want to know more about this topic, please visit: