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Taxi Services

07 Sep, 2020
Topic: Transportation
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Taxi Services

The taxis of Karwa, affiliated to the government-owned Mowasalat company, are one of the public means of transport serving people since 2004. Karwa provides a fleet of modern taxis that are comfortable, safe, clean and highly air-conditioned. Karwa taxis are distinguished with their bright turquoise color, yet the color of their roofs differ according to the taxi operating company. There are several ways to book such cars.

How to Get Karwa Taxi Services

Karwa provides a wide range of services to customers, starting from the ones available at Hamad International Airport (HIA) and taxi parking lots located in the main sites across Qatar, and it also meets the national needs during key events. These services are as follows:

- On the street: Karwa taxis can be hailed from the side of the road any time around the clock. If the taxi is available, the roof light will be on.

- At the ranks: Karwa taxis are always available at key locations, such as shopping malls, hospitals, sports venues and top landmarks.

- Airport taxi: Other than typical saloon, there are seven-seater station wagons with more space to carry more luggage.

- At HIA: Karwa taxi and limousine services are available at the arrival terminal of the airport.

Karwa Taxi App: A taxi ride can be requested through Karwa Taxi mobile app so that  you get picked up by the nearest Karwa taxi in the shortest period of time, and the app is available on Android and iPhone.

At the ranks: Always available at key locations such as shopping malls, hospitals, sports venues and landmarks.

Advance Bookings

There are two ways to book and choose and type of vehicle: contacting the Call Centre on the toll free number of taxi services (800 9294) or using Karwa taxi app.

However, it is faster to book a taxi via the app than hail it from the side of the road, and the service is also available at hotels and shopping centers.


- Day: Meter starts at QR10 (including first 5KM), then QR1.6 per KM is chargeable inside Doha and QR1.9 outside Doha. Minimum fare is QR10.

- Night: Meter starts at QR10 (including first 5KM), then QR1.9 per KM is chargeable both inside and outside Doha. Waiting costs QR8 for every 15 minutes. Minimum fare is QR10.

- At HIA: Meter starts at QR25.

If the meter is not operational, your trip will be free.

Doha Limousines

There are three types of limousines: Standard, Luxury and Business. All of them are available by booking through the call center, using Karwa taxi app or at HIA limousine rank.

The limousines can be booked for specific journeys or by hour, or they can be rented on short or long-term basis. All limousines are also metered and tracked by GPS.  For advance bookings, this can be made through the limousine service number (800 54666) or the one allocated for taxi services (800 8294).

As for the cost of the journey, it depends on the distance or the hourly/daily pricing, while VIP limousines are available at HIA and five-star hotels.

Adopting Standards

Mowasalat is committed to implementing the highest international standards of taxi services on all operating franchises to maintain a unified customer services with respect to customer relationship management, quality control and assurance of vehicle, driver and taxi ranks, in addition to the franchise administration and support section and the vehicle commissioning and driver accreditation section.