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Social Protection

07 Sep, 2020
Topic: Religion and Community
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Social Protection

The Social Protection Strategy (SPS) is a vital and integral part of the social development policy of Qatar and a key instrument to meet the requirements of sustainable development. Qatar Second National Development Strategy (NDS-2) 2018- 2022 seeks to develop policies, programs and mechanisms to protect and promote family cohesion and social protection for all citizens, empower different categories of society, equip them with the required skills, and ensure their rights to lead a healthy, dignified and safe life, while maintaining the system of social values and culture. Social protection and family cohesion are therefore essential components of an integrated and sound social development approach aimed at achieving the well-being of Qatar and its citizens, and building a society that is safe, secure, and resilient against all social challenges and threats.

The Government of Qatar takes a holistic approach in developing and sustaining an effective social safety net for all Qataris. Qatar is currently undergoing a new development phase towards realizing the Qatar National Vision 2030 goals. The country is facing new economic and social changes, significantly different from those when Qatar First National Development Strategy (NDS-1) 2011-2016 was developed. These developments have resulted in new challenges that require prudent economic and social measures and policies to ensure sustainable development.

The SPS framework is based on three pillars: social welfare, social capital, and Qatari family. Based on these pillars, the stakeholders’ representatives have unanimously identified the sectoral strategic outcome priorities as follows:

- An integrated, effective and sustainable social welfare system
- A strong, cohesive and empowered Qatari family
- An increased scope and effectiveness of social capital

Main Outcome, Intermediate Outcomes and Targets in SPS 2018-202

The main outcome of the SPS is “an integrated, effective and sustainable social protection system”. The Government of Qatar has put in place social protection systems and programs that guarantee the citizens a dignified life, provide vulnerable segments with social welfare, and rehabilitate and integrate these groups into society in order to involve them in the development and advancement of the country. The social protection system consists of Ministry of Social Development and Family, social security services as well as the qualification and employment services for social security beneficiaries

The Civil Social Organizations’ (CSO) play a significant role in supporting the social protection system through providing people in general and vulnerable groups in particular with social services. Qatar Social Work Foundation takes a leading role among the CSOs in the social protection through the provision of social services in its centers located in various parts of the country. Many charity organizations, such as Qatar Charity and Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) play a supporting role to the Zakat Fund that in turns supports poor and needy families. Qatari families also have a prime role to play in protecting their members from the risks of poverty and destitution.

The SPS 2017-2022 will ensure the integration of the social protection system across the various sectors that support the social protection network to ensure their effectiveness and sustainability so that the entire burden is not shouldered by the government alone. The strategy will work to reach this main outcome through achieving the intermediate outcomes mentioned above and targets of the three pillars of the SPS.

For more information, kindly check NDS-2.