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Social Life in Qatar

27 Dec, 2020
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Social Life in Qatar

The Qatari Society stands on deeply rooted customs, traditions, and fundamental principles that have been passed on for generations, these values can be represented in the focus on family life, and kinship that determines the ways of connecting with each family member as well as relatives especially in terms of the rights and obligations of each individual during family occasions that are reliant on the feelings of connection and social belonging, and Islamic values.

Traditional Qatar Majlis reflect the Arabic and Islamic values, a Majlis is the main place of gathering between guests, friends, and family members, and where Males and Females are separated. Usually Arabic Coffee gets served to the guests by the youngest family members starting with eldest. Guests are also presented with incense (Bukhoor) as an expression of hospitality, and Oud gets used during important ceremonies.

For more information, you can check the Ethics and Social Codes of Conduct on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Safety and Security

One of the benefits of living in Qatar is the fact that it is considered one of the safest countries and the lowest in terms of crime rate, and the highest in safety and security indexes.

According to the global annual report to the crime index issued annually by the international data base encyclopedia “Nambeo”, the state of Qatar has been consecutively ranked 1st in the Middle east since 2015 and 1st internationally in 2017 and 2019.