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Senior Care

07 Sep, 2020
Topic: Religion and Community
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Senior Care

Seniors are an integral part of the family unit in Qatar. While the country is generally considered young, with high ratios of children and youths, citizens over the age of 65 make up about two per cent of the Qatari population.

Retirees over the age of 60 who are previously employed in government are entitled to receive a pension. Elderly citizens may also apply for assistance through the Ministry of Social Development and Family.

Center of Empowerment and Care Elderly

On the private, non-profit front, the Center of Empowerment and Elderly Care provides a number of health care and social services to seniors. These services are available to both citizens and residents. They include:

  • Nursing services: Hygiene care, diet counseling, drug treatments and guidance for seniors and their families.
  • Physical therapy: Examination, diagnosis and treatment programs designed to reduce pain, improve mobility and restore health.

In addition, the foundation can also dispatch social workers to assess individual cases, and provide the necessary assistance, which may include the provision of beds and wheelchairs.

Social Integration

While advancements in health care have helped extend the average life expectancy in Qatar, they are by no means the only factors contributing to the overall well-being of seniors.

As members of society, seniors who actively participate in family life and community events are more likely to feel socially engaged and intellectually stimulated. The State regularly organizes events and programs to help integrate seniors into mainstream society. These include:

  • Training courses and workshops designed to develop ways for dealing with seniors’ issues.
  • Drama programs that encourage the community to take care of seniors and understand their needs in the workplace, home and public.
  • Public concerts on national and religious occasions.
  • Promotion and adoption of Islamic teachings and values.
  • Lectures and seminars on the virtues of parents.

For more information on senior care, please contact Center of Empowerment and Care Elderly by calling 40121000 or through email: