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Retirement and Pension

06 Sep, 2020
Topic: Employment and Workplace
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Retirement and Pension

Qatar’s government pension system is administrated by the General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority (GRSIA) and supervised by the Civil Service and Governmental Development Bureau (CSGDB).

The GRSIA is responsible for providing social protection to retired Qatari nationals and their family members in case of their demise through the allocation of pensions in accordance with the provisions of the Retirement and Pension Law No. 24 of 2002. It achieves this goal through collecting pension contributions and managing and investing public funds.

Who is eligible

Qatari citizens, men and women, employed by the government, and who have made a total of 15 years worth of contributions, receive a state pension when they reach 60 or 55, respectively. An option for early retirement at 40 is available, however 15 years of contributions are still required.

The size of the pension is based on the final salary of the employee at the time of retirement (the salary in the last year of employment). Additional social allowance benefits are designated according to an individual’s final salary and time of service.

The pension scheme is open to Qatari employees in ministries, public institutions, agencies, joint stock companies and others as determined by the Council of Ministers at the GRSIA. Pensions are also issued to civilian and military retirees, or to their eligible beneficiaries in the event of death.

Qataris who work in other countries within the GCC and who are eligible for a government pension are included under Law No.7 of 2007.

Qataris who work in the private sector are not eligible under the government scheme. It is the responsibility of the individual to negotiate a pension arrangement with their employer, or to join the company’s pension scheme.  

Paying in

The employee must pay in a monthly contribution equivalent to 5% of salary, the employer tops the contribution up by a further 10% (gross salary), and the government also contributes, covers administration and makes up any shortfalls to ensure the total contribution of 15%.

Contributions by Qatari employees in other GCC countries may be higher, ranging from 5.5%-8% of salary, in order to make up the required 15% total pension contribution. In some instances the government will make up the shortfall.


Expatriates are not eligible for pensions from the Qatari government and are expected to manage their own affairs.

While the retirement age for nationals in public sector jobs is 60, there is no retirement age limit for private sector employees. However, written requests must be made to renew visas and sponsorship change is not allowed for expatriate employees over 60.