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How to Acquire Qatari Nationality?

16 Aug, 2021
Topic: Visas and Official Documents
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Qatari Nationality

Holders of Qatari nationality and Qatari passport enjoy a lot benefits whether inside or outside Qatar. The State of Qatar grants Qatari citizenship to non-Qatari residents living on its lands, but based on a number or provisions and terms.

Conditions to Obtain Qatari Nationality

According to Article No.2 of Law No.38 of 2005 on the Acquisition of Qatari Nationality, revoking Law No.2 of 1961 on the Qatari Nationality, a non-Qatari person may acquire the Qatari nationality by an Amiri Decree if four main conditions are met:
  • Lawful residence in the State of Qatar for no less than 25 consecutive years before applying for citizenship. The exit of the applicant from Qatar shall not affect this timeline, but on condition that the total period does not exceed a total of two months per year, and the period outside Qatar shall not be calculated within the total period spent outside the country. In addition, if the applicant leaves Qatar after submitting an application and remains outside the country for more than six months, the Minister of Interior may disregard the previous period of residence.
  • Availability of legitimate means to earn one’s living and meet one’s needs.
  • Good conduct and behavior, in addition to absence of previous conviction by final ruling in a crime of dishonor or mistrust, whether inside or outside Qatar.
  • Good knowledge of Arabic language.
Priority in granting the nationality to sons and daughters of Qatari women. As for children of naturalized Qatari fathers, they are deemed naturalized Qataris as well, whether they are born inside or outside Qatar.

In case of acquiring the Qatari citizenship, the person shall surrender the other nationality s/he holds as it is not possible to hold another nationality along with the Qatari one.

Benefits of Qatari Nationality

Inside Qatar
Holders of Qatari nationality may hold public posts after five years of acquiring the nationality.

Outside Qatar
Holders of Qatari citizenship and Qatari passport enjoy visa-free entry to more than 70 countries and visa on-arrival to more than 50 countries. Besides, Qatari passport holders can easily travel to all GCC countries without any prior visa.