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Qatar Health Care System

27 Dec, 2020
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Qatar Health Care System

The state of Qatar cares and puts the health of the entire community on top of its priorities. Among the benefits of the health care system in Qatar is its focus on the quality of the provided health care services to the population and meeting their needs and demands in the best way possible using the latest technological advancements, as well as enhancing protective health care that focus on internal disease before the emergence of any symptoms, as well as providing theses services in reasonable cheap prices, and focusing on investing on research in the field of health care.

The Ministry of Public Health which is the governing entity for regulating all health care services, developed its health care system to be centered on meeting the demands of the population per priority, that starts with the children, teenagers, women, staff, mental health needs, the elderly, and individuals with special needs, by growing the number of specialized workforces in various fields, expanding health care facilities and hospitals, and focusing on the quality of the provided services, which was proven effective in leading the Qatar health care system to be among the best in the world and the middle east according to health care indicators.

The Qatar health care system in Qatar is based on the pillars of the National Health Strategy 2018-2022 and the 2nd National Development Strategy in the state of Qatar 2018-2022, which you can read for more information.