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Persons with Disabilities

10 Oct, 2021
TopicReligion and Community
Intended Audience

Persons with Disabilities

Qatari Law prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities. Among some of the rights and provisions mandated for persons with disabilities are:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Medical and social care
  • Support services
  • Access to public facilities
  • Employment

The law requires that 2% of all jobs in government agencies and public institutions be set aside for disabled persons. Private businesses employing a minimum of 25 staff are also required to hire persons with disabilities.

Disability Population

The number of individuals with disabilities in Qatar makes up less than 0.50% of the total population. Qataris with disabilities exceed the number of non-Qataris due to the fact that most expatriate workers are medically fit.

A higher percentage of men is recorded as persons with disabilities than women. Congenital factors and disease are the most common causes for disabilities.