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Major Real Estate Projects

08 Sep, 2020
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Major Real Estate Projects

Thanks to a thriving economy, an emergent tourism industry and budding property values, Qatar is continuing to see the construction of new, world-class building projects. Qatar’s real estate market is valued at over US$5billion and is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years.

Lusail City

Imagine living where you play, shopping where you sight-see, swimming where you buy your groceries. This is the life one of 200,000 future residents on the ocean-front city of Lusail will lead. Residential, commercial and entertainment districts meet natural open spaces and traditional Islamic design in this visionary, architectural feat.

Pearl – Qatar

One of the largest structural undertakings in Qatar, the Pearl offshore man-made island is becoming the apple of the region’s eyes. Set to accommodate 40,000 residents, on 400 hectares of reclaimed land, the Pearl features a Riviera-style boardwalk surrounding one of three planned marinas.

Al Wa’ab City

Rooted in Arabic heritage and reared with family-oriented values, the Al Wa’ab City promises to offer high-standard, integrated community living. Al Wa’ab aims to be a reflection of comfort, harmony and prosperity –  the ideal place for family dwelling.

Barwa Al Khor

Located 57 kilometers north of Doha, Barwa Al Khor aspires to be the core of Qatar. The extensive Barwa will emerge from its coastline as though part of the terrain. Villas, town houses, office space, a golf course, clinic, library and mosque are some of the many amenities afforded by this artistic, dream city.

The Heart of Doha Project

In a mission to revitalize the past to make way for an increasingly vibrant future, the Heart of Doha Project is redeveloping 35 hectares of space in inner Doha, the historic birth area of the city. The restructuring plan promotes sustainable, environmentally friendly living and sophisticated public areas by use of simplicity, space, proportion and light in its design.