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Internet and Wireless Networks

08 Sep, 2020
Topic: Communications and IT
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Internet and Wireless Networks

Ooredoo is the sole licensed Internet provider in Qatar. With networks extending to homes and offices across the country, its services include:

  • Broadband ADSL
  • Monthly subscription, prepaid connection or direct connection through landline

Broadband Services

Each broadband ADSL package comes with a Wi-Fi router, which can send and receive signals to and from all internet-enabled devices, such as laptops and smart phones. 

Customers may also use high-speed Internet to watch TV programs from Ooredoo’s Mosaic Package+.

Broadband Services

Public hotspots are located throughout Qatar. Some hotspots include:

  • Intercontinental Hotel
  • iParks
  • Cafés
  • Diplomatic Club

The State of Qatar ranked first in the world in the speed of mobile internet connection at 178.01 megabytes per second.

There are 2.88 million people who use the Internet in Qatar, according to figures recorded January2021, and there are 4.67 million mobile phone subscriptions in the State of Qatar, and the percentage of mobile phone subscriptions has reached 160.6% of the country's population.

The ranking reflects the great growth witnessed by the telecommunications sector in Qatar during the last stage, which made it occupy the global leadership, in light of the great focus on developing the telecommunications sector and reaching it as far as possible, especially the period prior to Qatar’s organization of the 2022 World Cup, which will witness the attendance of millions of visitors. to Doha, which requires the provision of high-quality and high-speed Internet services.

Qatar has one of the best information technology infrastructures in the world, and it has the latest technologies used in the sector such as the fifth generation network for communications, with a penetration rate of the fiber-optic network estimated at 99%, which made it top global rankings in the quality of digital life and the speed and spread of the Internet among the population.