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06 Sep, 2020
Topic: Health
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Coping with Qatar National Vision 2030 and execution for the National Health Strategy, the State of Qatar is exerting huge efforts to enhance health sector and hospitals in particular, in a bid to provide better and advanced medical care services for the entire nationals, residents and visitors in State of Qatar.

Public hospitals spread all over Qatar, cover all medical specializations and provide different medical services to nationals, residents and visitors. The below list includes most important public hospitals in Qatar:

Hamad General Hospital

Hamad General Hospital provides a lot of healthcare services, including emergency services, long and short medical care, inpatient and outpatient services. The hospital also provides other medical services covering a large sector of citizens, residents and visitors in the State of Qatar.

Al Wakarah Hospital

Al Wakarah Hospital provides different medical specialized and distinguishing medical services, including long and short term medical ones. The facility also comprises public and specialized examination units, pediatric, dental, burn and dermatology clinics, in addition to a private section for diabetes and general surgery.

Al Khor Hospital

Al Khor Hospital, located in northern Doha, provides a number of healthcare and specialized medical services, including pediatrics, gynecology, dermatology, emergency care, general diagnosis, dialysis, physiotherapy, general surgery and small emergency surgeries.

Women’s Hospital

The Women’s Hospital provides a number of developed healthcare and medical related to gynecology, surgery and prenatal care. The hospital has an intensive care unit for newborn babies and an early diagnosis unit. The hospital also provides emergency services in case of early delivery.

Pediatric Emergency Center (Al Sadd)

The main Pediatric Emergency Center (PEC) is located in Al Sadd, and it serves as a hub for other PECs across Qatar that provide high quality medical care to patients aged 14 years and below. The PECs provide all diagnostic and therapeutic services to young patients.

Heart Hospital

The Heart Hospital provides a set of distinguishing and specialized services related to cardiothoracic surgery, in addition to medical and awareness consulting services concerned with heart heath. The hospital is equipped with the latest medical equipment used in cardiac and open heart surgeries. The hospital provides as well emergency services linked to heart diseases.

Rumailah Hospital

Rumailah Hospital provides a number of distinctive and specialized healthcare services, which include otolaryngology, ophthalmology and plastic surgery. The hospital staff is dedicated to providing safe and effective healthcare services to all patients, ranging from diagnostic services to treatment of critical cases and rehabilitation.

Cuban Hospital

The Cuban Hospital provides a set of distinguishing surgical services, such as the heart, dental, dermatology and otolaryngology services, besides emergency services to both children and adults, as well as the internal medicine.

National Center for Cancer Care and Research (NCCCR)

The National Center for Cancer Care and Research (NCCCR), member of Hamad Medical Corporation, is the main hospital for cancer treatment in the State of Qatar. The NCCR provides medical care to patients who need continuous therapy, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, besides treatment of blood diseases. The NCCR will soon inaugurate a center for bone marrow transplant in Qatar.

Aspetar Hospital

Aspetar Hospital is one of the first hospitals in the GCC and Middle East region to be specialized in sports medicine, orthopedics and sports injuries, in particular. It provides full medical care and consultation services to all athletes, in addition to being one of the specialized hospitals where emergency sports injuries are operated using the latest medical equipment in this realm.

Private Hospitals

Moreover, the below list includes many private hospitals in Qatar that provide modern and integrated health services:

Al Ahli Hospital

Since its establishment in 2004, Al Ahli hospital provides healthcare services in a relaxed and appropriate environment. The hospital is fully equipped with top-notch medical equipment and devices to insure providing best medical service for patients.

Al Emadi Hospital

Al Emadi Hospital includes a group of internationally- qualified physicians and assistants as a part of a staff that strives to provide best medical services in a comfortable and safe atmosphere, in order to serve and satisfy patients around the clock.

Doha Clinic Hospital

Doha Clinic Hospital provides advanced medical services through a group of broadly-experienced physicians in various health fields. The hospital has its own well-known outpatient clinics for nationals and residents.

American Hospital

American Hospital provides professional and high-quality medical services through a group of distinguished physicians in all specializations. The hospital plays a pioneering role in health sector and keeps its social commitments inside the State of Qatar.