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Hamad International Airport (HIA)

07 Sep, 2020
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Hamad International Airport (HIA)

Hamad International Airport (HIA) is Qatar’s new airport, opened in 2014 next to the city of Doha and the glittering Arabian Gulf. The architecturally stunning, supremely efficient and truly welcoming airport is a genuine gateway to the world, serving over 360,000 flights and 30 million passengers every year.

Hamad International Airport promises to redefine the way its passengers experience one of the world’s most rapidly developing business and travel destinations. Located conveniently within an eight-hour flight for more than two-thirds of the global population, HIA is ideal for business or leisure travelers. Strategically located between the world’s established and emerging financial centers, Doha is the ideal hub for both business and leisure travel.

The new airport is currently the home of five-star airline Qatar Airways, which has been operating out of Doha International Airport for 17 years. The fastest growing carrier believes that the move will offer passengers ‘a new standard at international level.

Hamad International Airport

HIA has unparalleled operational efficiency with frequent flight schedules, quick connection times and efficient passenger and cargo processing. It features advanced airport operating systems in all areas of security, safety, aviation technology, facilities and passenger convenience.

Hamad International Airport

Ensuring all aircrafts land and take off safely, HIA’s state-of-the-art air navigation, radar and communication equipment is housed in its magnificent, crescent-shaped air traffic control tower, which sits between two parallel runways. The tower provides visitors with an unmistakable welcome to Qatar and the Middle East.

Hamad International Airport

HIA offers passengers an airport experience that is different and thought-provoking. It hosts permanent and temporary art exhibitions to celebrate the region’s heritage and culture.

Located exactly where east meets west, HIA can connect you to countless cities around the globe – swiftly, smoothly and seamlessly.