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For Health Care Practitioners

06 Sep, 2020
Topic: Health
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For Health Care Practitioners

The Medical Licensing Department (MLD), under the Ministry of Public Health, licenses physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and a wide range of other health practitioners, including psychologists, opticians, chiropractors, audiologists and paramedics.

It is illegal to work in any of these capacities without a license or to employ an unlicensed health practitioner. Any attempt to do so can be prosecuted through Qatar’s courts of law.

Each type of license has a defined scope of practice that describes what work the license-holder is authorized to do. Licenses are only granted on a one-year renewable basis.


Some basic licensing requirements include:

  • Physicians require a minimum of five years experience and dentists and nurses three years.
  • All applicants must complete a one-time verification process. No temporary licenses will be granted pending this process. Verification assures that health practitioners have the necessary qualifications and experience to practice safely, and allows the opportunity to warn other registration authorities of fraudulent applicants.
  • All applicants require a Certificate of Good Standing (CGS), the document used by registration authorities to indicate to another that there is no legal impediment to registration and that a health practitioner can reasonably be regarded as safe to practice, within the context of the licensing laws in the country of the issuing authority. Only original CGSs received directly by the MLD from the registration authority abroad are accepted. They do not have to be attested if they have been sent and verified though DataFlow, an international screening company to which Qatar has outsourced credential checking.
  • In addition to meeting the basic requirements for a physician, a company doctor must also have a post-graduate qualification in internal medicine, emergency medicine, occupational health medicine or family medicine. The doctor must also have a minimum of three years experience after obtaining the post-graduate qualification. A company doctor is licensed to treat only employees of the company.

Licensing Exam

All applicants from the practitioner groups below are required to successfully complete a licensing examination at any of Prometric’s 10,000 test centers located in 164 countries around the world.

  • General scope physicians
  • General scope dentists
  • General scope nurses
  • Midwifes
  • Pharmacists
  • Laboratory technicians

Blood tests must be completed by all applicants – with the exception of pharmacy technicians – to protect both patients and other practitioners from the transmission of infectious disease.

For more information on licensing documentation, please visit the website of Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners.

To book a licensing exam, visit Prometric’s website.