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Engineering Law

06 Sep, 2020
Topic: Employment and Workplace
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Engineering Law

The construction boom in Qatar has inspired a significant number of international and local engineering offices to open in the country. The Engineering Law of Qatar, which was rewritten in 2005, deals with the licensing of all engineers practicing within Qatar.

The law covers the following types of engineering activities and their sub-branches:

Mines and mining
Other fields of engineering

The Engineers and Consulting Offices Accrediting Committee at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment maintains the following three registers:

Register of Engineers (which deals with the accreditation of engineers)
Register of International Engineering Consultancy Office (which deals with foreign companies)
Register of Local Engineering Consultancy Office (which deals with Qatar-based companies)

Register of Engineers

All engineers must be entered into the Register of Engineers in order to work in Qatar. Registration is limited to Qatari citizens and residents only. A qualified engineer must hold a bachelor's degree in engineering or an equivalent degree from an internationally recognized school, and have passed technical ability tests in his/her specialization field.

Foreign Consultancy Firms

Under the updated law, it is possible for non-Qataris to own 100% of a foreign engineering consultancy firm, provided that it meets all the legal requirements:

It must be a branch of a main office abroad licensed to practice within the country in which its license is issued.

The main office must have branch offices operating in at least four other countries outside its home jurisdiction.

At least 10 years must have passed following the licensing of the main office, during which it has remained active in the engineering consultancy profession.

The firm must provide an undertaking certified by the concerned Qatari embassy detailing its obligation to support the office applying for the license, and to be held responsible for all obligations arising from practicing in Qatar.

The firm must provide all required documents showing its activities, financial ability and works performed outside Qatar. These may include yearly budget sheets and international quality/efficiency assessment certificates, audit reports, etc.

The engineer responsible for managing the branch office must be entered into the Register of Engineers. He/she must possess a certificate from an internationally recognized institution, and have more than 10 years of work experience in the field.

The other engineers working in the office shall meet the conditions determined by the Engineering Law.

Local Consultancy Firms

All local engineering consultancy firms are governed by the general rules of the Foreign Capital Investment Law, which requires at least 51% Qatari shareholding.

All engineers working for these firms are required to be entered into the Register of Engineers. All engineers must possess at least 5 years of work experience in the field.

For more information, including links to engineering application forms, visit the Engineers and Consulting Offices Accrediting Committee website.