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Dining in Qatar

27 Dec, 2020
Topic: Religion and Community, Tourism, Sports, and Recreation
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Qatari Cuisine

The Qatari cuisine can be best described as a simple cuisine that uses simple cooking techniques deeply rooted in the seasonal authentic flavors of the Bedouin life that were passed on to our current generation. Qatari Cuisine has a hint of influence from India, and Persia in the past, and shares commonly well-known dishes with other GCC Countries.

In Qatar, a typical morning breakfast will compromise of Rogag (with the spread of cheese, honey, or jam, or will contain egg filling), and Balalet, during lunch, a traditional main course will be Asida, Harees (Also known as Jareesh), Kabsa, Margouga, Salona, Madroba, Machboos rice with Hammour, to name a few.

For desserts Qataris enjoy eating Khabees, Kanfaroosh, and Lugaimat.

There are a number of Qatari restaurants in the state of Qatar such as:

Al Jiwan Restaurant located at Qatar National Museum, that serves you the best of Qatari Cuisines and International Tastes with the courtesy of Arabic hospitality.

Al Jasra Resturant: located at the heart of Souq Waqif, Al Jasra restaurant offers you the setting and the atmosphere of Qatari Majlis and Qatari dishes in reasonable prices.

Nassayem Qatar: Experience generous Qatari hospitality at the diplomatic club’s signature restaurant.

For more information, you can check Visit Qatar’s website.