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06 Sep, 2020
Topic: Health
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According to the latest statistics, 17% of Qatar’s adult population has been diagnosed as diabetic. This follows a larger, international trend, in which diabetes has grown nearly tenfold across the globe over the past two decades.

With proper medical care, diet and exercise, people with diabetes can manage their disease, avoid complications and live a healthy life.

Qatar’s Initiative

Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) – a non-profit organization and member of both Qatar Foundation and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) – endeavors to be the leader in diabetes prevention and care, both locally and across the region.

Through implementing various educational programs, QDA aims to bring awareness to its population. QDA believes diabetes does not need to be a hindrance for people to lead a normal, healthy life.

  • Some of the programs include:
  • Al Bawasil Camp: An educational and social camp for children with diabetes in the region that encourages proper care and management and aims to reduce the risks associated with diabetes.
  • Youth “At Risk” Camps: Focused on teens aged 16-18 who are overweight, have a genetic predisposition and are at risk of getting diabetes.
  • Diabetes in Asia Study Group: A group that was formed as part of the IDF regional groups with its office in Doha and the QDA executive director as its president. It holds biannual scientific conferences on diabetes, disease management and prevention.
  • Awareness Drives: Social outreach programs, such as walkathons, educational stands at malls and monthly visits to different schools.

For more information on diabetes, or if you wish to support Qatar Diabetes Association, please visit QDA’s website.