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Child Care

07 Sep, 2020
Topic: Religion and Community
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Child Care

Child care facilities, also known as nurseries or baby care centers, accept young children up to the age of four. There are more than 100 of these facilities in Qatar.

The industry is regulated by the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs. While the government does not regulate the price of child care, it has in place a number of strict rules to ensure public safety and quality of early childhood education.

Under the Law No. (1) of 2014 Regulating the Activities of Nursery Schools, child care centers are required to employ a nurse on their permanent staff, and contract a government-approved doctor to visit the centers regularly to check the mental and physical health of children. Ministry inspectors are authorized to conduct regular checks on these centers for compliance. Those who violate the law could face penalties of up to QR100000 or jail time.