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Charity Work

07 Sep, 2020
Topic: Religion and Community
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Charity Work

Charity work makes a vital contribution to the endeavors of the government to serve the interests of all citizens. Qatar makes considerable efforts towards supporting charity work. Charity constitutes a main pillar of humanitarian principles inherited from parents and ancestors. Such principles stem from the deep-rooted traditions and customs of tolerant Islamic values.

Law No.2 of 1974 on the Establishment of Associations was the first law issued to regulate charitable work in the State of Qatar. It has since been amended in 2014 by Law No.15 of 2014 Regulating Charitable Activities. Such laws aim to regulate charity work practiced by all charity associations and institutions in the State of Qatar.

Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities

The Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA) was established in 2014 by Emiri Decree No.43 of 2014. The Authority is charged with developing, supporting, encouraging, regulating and supervising charitable activities carried out by charities in Qatar. In addition to tightly regulating fundraising within the State, it also monitors, develops and supports humanitarian and charitable activities. Under the Law Regulating Charitable Activities, all charities are monitored, and must respond to any information and document requests by the RACA.

Under the law, the following are subject to the supervision and control of RACA:

  • Charitable associations and institutions existing at the time this law came into force, or those registered according to its provisions.
  • Other entities authorized to initiate charitable or humanitarian activities, in accordance with the provisions of this law.
  • Individuals authorized to raise donations or proceed with financial transfers for charitable or humanitarian purposes.

Registering Charities

RACA is responsible for registering charities in Qatar, monitoring their work and activities, keeping records, as overseeing financial control. All charitable associations and institutions are also subject to a thorough audit and transparent accountability by RACA.

In addition, there are many legal requirements that need to be met by persons or entities involved in charity work or establishing any charity association or organization. RACA also has the right to dissolve a charity should an individual or organization violate the law.

Joining Charities Outside Qatar

As per the Law Regulating Charitable Activities, which is effective in Qatar, a charity must not join or be part of another charity, authority or club outside the country unless approved by the RACA. Moreover, no charity should receive or send loans, grants, donations, wills, endowments or other funds – whether from or to any person, charity, authority or club outside the State without obtaining approval from RACA.

Fundraising and Transfers

No charity shall raise donations until after a permit is issued by RACA. The law prohibits all kinds of fundraising and foreign transfers for any charitable or humanitarian purpose, unless the charity receives prior authorization (for a specific purpose and defined period) from RACA.

Tips for Donating

According to the instructions issued by the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA), and in order to ensure the delivery of your donation to the deserved beneficiaries, please make sure of the following before donating:

  • Data of the association or the private charitable organization for which you donate.
  • Validity of the fund license issued by RACA and its affiliation to the association or the private charitable organization, and the project allocated for this fundraising.
  • Validity of the coupons or the available means for donation and their purpose.
  • Accurate data and legal affiliation of the collector to the association or organization.
  • Clear receipt of the donated amount, naming the related project.

Your follow up with the projects for which you donate is a right ensured by associations or private charitable organizations, so do not hesitate to communicate with any of them to know the course of a specific project.

For enquiries, suggestions and feedback, please contact :

RACA  0097444240869, hotline at 16010 or via Email

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