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Business Sectors within Qatar

08 Sep, 2022
Topic: Business and Finance
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Business Sectors within Qatar

Below is a list of the main business sectors within the State of Qatar. Oil and gas is the largest sector accounting for around half the country's gross domestic product. The Government of Qatar has been pushing for the diversification of industry in order to reduce reliance on the oil and gas industry for revenues. The general economic outlook is good as Qatar strives to become a leading industrialized country in the world.

Oil and Natural Gas

Qatar is the biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world and has one of the world's largest natural gas reserves. The country is also one of the significant exporters of oil.


Qatar's oil exploration began in 1935 at the Dukhan field. Commercial exportation from the field started in 1939. Nowadays, production reaches above 700,000 barrels per day. LNG exports began in 1997 and are centered at Ras Laffan. 

State-owned QatarEnergy manages the country's oil, gas, fertilizer, petrochemical and refining enterprises in Qatar and abroad. QatarEnergy has developed major LNG projects with foreign shareholders and uses advanced technology to convert LNG into globally marketable liquid products.

Qatar-based petroleum companies include:

Company Name Phone Number
ORYX GTL +974 44743333
Qatar Fuel Additives Company +974 44766777
QatarEnergy +974 40134895 / 40134896 / 40134897 / 40134898
Qatargas +974 44736000
RasGas +974 44738000 / 44833855
Woqod +974 40217777


One of the largest contributors to Qatar's economy outside the oil and gas sector is the manufacturing industry. This sector is supported by the government in its endeavor towards diversifying the economy and maximizing the use of the country's natural resources.

National manufacturing companies:

Company Name Phone Number
Qatar Chemical Company +974 44847111
Qatar Fertiliser Company +974 44228888
Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company +974 4831199
Qatar Lubricants Company +974 / 38 / 92 / 93
Qatar National Cement Company + 974 / 444711811 / 44712880
Qatar Plastic and Wooden Products Company +974 44770815 / 9
Qatar Petrochemical Company +974 40338000
Qatar Steel +974 44778778
Qatar Vinyl Company LTD +974 44765888

Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

This sector consists of banking, insurance, financial intermediation, real estate and business services. It is growing at a rapid pace, making it one of the most important sectors in the Qatari economy.

A complete list of banks is available on the Banks and Financial System page, or the Banks directory page.

A list of the insurance companies in Qatar is also available in the directory.

Building and Construction

Building and Construction is a major contributor to employment and the economy. The rates of financing given by banks to this sector have increased significantly in the recent years. As the economy of Qatar continues to grow, the government is investing heavily in developing the country's infrastructure, particularly in preparation for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. 

Qatar-based real estate developers include:

Company Name Phone Number
Msheireb Properties +974 44590459
Mazaya Qatar Real Estate Development +974 44910100
Qatari Diar +974 44974444
UDC Qatar +974 44098400

Trade, Restaurants and Hotels

The hotels and hospitality sector is one of the most promising for Qatar's future as the tourism industry gathers momentum in the lead up to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Qatar aims to be a one-stop destination for all kinds of travel, including tourism, business trips, cultural events, conferences, education and sporting events.

A complete list of hotels is available on the hotels topic page.



Qatar Airways, a joint public and private venture, is the designated national air carrier of Qatar. Since its relaunch in 1997, the airline has earned many awards and accolades, becoming one of an elite group of airlines worldwide to have been awarded a five-star rating. The airline's large fleet of modern aircraft serves more than 150 destinations across six continents.

Qatar Rail Company is the owner and manager of Qatar's rail network, responsible for the design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the Metro, Light Rail Transit and Long Distance rail network and systems.

Mowsalat is the government-sponsored transportation company, which operates taxis, limousines, passenger and school bus services, and manages carrier licenses within Qatar.

Qatar’s transportation providers are:

Company Name Phone Number
Qatar Airways +974 40225336
Qatar Rail Company 800 7111
Mowasalat +974 44588588, 44588888


There are two major companies providing communication services in Qatar, namely Ooredoo and Vodafone, and the communication sector is regulated by the Communications Regulatory Authority, affiliated with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).

Telecom providers in Qatar are:

Company Name Phone Number
Ooredoo +974 44400400
Vodafone 8007111

Electricity and Water

Most of Qatar's electricity comes from gas turbines, fueled by natural gas. Water desalination is achieved in tandem with electricity, giving Qatar an impressive capacity. KAHRAMAA is the national utility provider.

Company           Contact
KAHRAMAA        Service Center 911

Agriculture and Fisheries

This sector traditionally plays a minor role in the Qatari economy due to generally unsuitable weather and environmental conditions. However, innovative technologies are being applied to help stimulate the sector.

Companies involved in the development of local farms:

Company Name Phone Number
Arab Qatari Agricultural Production Company (QTFA) +974 44691885
Hassad Food +974 44079209