من هم الأفراد الذين تبحث عن خدمات لهم؟


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الآن استكشف الخدمات بشكل أسرع 10 مرات! هل هذا سهل فهمه؟

هل هذا سهل فهمه؟

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MME Announces Start of Registration for the Winter Camping Season 2020-2021

06 أكتوبر, 2020 3:36 مساءجريدة الشرق, جلف تايمزالجمهور المستهدف
زائر:طالبسائحصاحب عمل
مواطن:ولي أمرصاحب عملموظف
مقيم:ولي أمرموظف


The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has announced the start of the registration process for the 2020-2021 winter camping season, the regulations and conditions governing it, and the method for submitting applications to register for camping for this season, starting from Sunday 11 October 2020. According to MME, interested candidates can submit their applications through the Ministry’s website or "Aoun" mobile application or through government service centers distributed in various parts of the state, in three phases for a period of six months.

The Ministry said during a press conference, held yesterday morning, that the insurance fees for the winter camping season are 10 thousand riyals, which will be refunded after the season ends, and that the area is inspected, according to the requirements for refunding the insurance.

In this context Mr. Talib Khalid Al-Shahwani, Assistant of the Director of the Department of Protection and Wildlife at the MME, said the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, as part of its commitment to the comfort and safety of the campers, has taken many measures and procedures represented in the conditions that must be followed during the camping season to ensure the preservation of the Qatari environment, and to ensure that the campers have an ideal camping season.

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