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الآن استكشف الخدمات بشكل أسرع 10 مرات! هل هذا سهل فهمه؟

هل هذا سهل فهمه؟

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4.1 Million Visits to Hukoomi Portal during the Past Nine Months of 2020

10 نوفمبر, 2020 09:27 صباحاجريدة الرايةهاشتاغQatar Official e-Government Portal (Hukoomi) الجمهور المستهدف
زائر:سائحصاحب عمل
مواطن:ولي أمرصاحب عملموظف
مقيم:ولي أمرموظف

4.1 Million Visits to Hukoomi

Qatar Official e-Government Portal (Hukoomi) has witnessed a substantial increase in the number of visits during the past nine months of this year 2020, since its percentage has reached 70.88%, compared to the number of visits that had been witnessed by the portal during the first three-quarters of 2019. 

Hukoomi has achieved 4.187.508 visits to the portal during the past nine months, compared to 2.450.575 during the same period of 2019, which emphasizes the great importance of the portal in constructive communication between public service providers and members of the public. 

The role of Hukoomi is to provide government information and services in a more efficient and effective manner in order to be accessible to all citizens, residents, visitors, and the business sector. It also aims at raising the public awareness on the government programs, events, news and initiatives, in line with the objectives included in Qatar Digital Government 2020 Strategy.     

Hukoomi portal allows its users in this regard to access information and services online more easily and quickly, in collaboration with the government entities and public service providers, providing a number of key e-services, service application forms, official documents and general information.

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